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HIV/AIDS awareness program organized by UPSA students

Graduate Students of UPSA organize education outreach Program at Oduman Asuaba Basic School

UPSA GRASAG Students have successfully organized an education outreach program at Oduman Asuaba M/A Basic School as part of the requirements for the semester. The project was organized by group 2 graduate students made up of final year evening students of MBA Corporate Governance and Msc/Mphil leadership.

OBKAY, the sensational Ghanaian music artist joined the team to Oduman Asuaba M/A Basic School and treated the pupils to good and irresistible freestyle from his collection that got the pupils dancing and excited.

Ghana AIDS commission facilitator educating pupils on HIV/AIDS
Head Teacher of Oduman Asuaba M/A Basic School addressing Lecturers and students from UPSA

Education on HIV/AIDS underway

Jean Sai Akweley from Ghana AIDS commission educating the pupils


The event gave students the chance to interact with pupils and staff of the school. Pupils were educated on HIV/AIDS. The resource persons were Randy Amoako Acheampong and Jean Sai Akweley from the Ghana AIDS Commission. They were supported by the Project Management Team(Students). 

Pupils of Oduman Asuaba M/A Basic School were advised to stay safe and responsible. Resource persons stressed the need for pupils to abstain from sex and related activities.

They were also informed not to share items such as blades, shaving sticks, syringe and needles with others to ensure they do not contract HIV /AIDS. This advice was given because it is difficult to tell whether someone had the disease or not.

Advise on HIV/ AIDS to pupils 

The facilitators also advised pupils not to stigmatize persons who have contracted the disease but rather show concern since shaking hands and hugging such persons would not make them contract the disease.

UPSA GRASAG Students in a group picture with the head and teaches of Oduman Asuaba M/A Basic School
UPSA MBA Corporate Governance and Msc/Mphil leadership students, teachers and Headmaster- Group picture

The ABC of protecting one’s self was also explained to pupils.

First of all,  the “A” stands for Abstinence means pupils should avoid engaging in sex and related activities and rather concentrate on their studies so they can become responsible in future and attain greater heights.

Should anyone contract HIV/AIDS, he or she may not be able to attain the dreams he or she has.

A section of pupils at the program

For pupils who may have difficulties managing their sexual urge, they were advised by their own colleagues to engage in sports, reading their storybooks or any other recreational activity to deal with it. Pupils were urged to learn to control themselves.

The “B” was explained to mean being faithful and sticking to one partner and not multiple partners since that increases the risk of getting infected.

However,  pupils who were sexually active were advised to put a stop to it, however, they could use the condom which stands for the “C” in the ABC.

How to Avoid HIV/AIDS as a teenager/ an Adolescent 

Teachers, resource persons and students of UPSA present agreed that abstinence until marriage was the most effective way to avoid HIV infection.

They, therefore, advocated that it was the ideal way to go and encouraged pupils to consider it as the best.

The educational materials for the program were provided by the Ghana AIDS commission. They were distributed to pupils and the rest were given to the school to be sued to re-enforce the education within the school and the community.

The main idea behind the program was to give students the chance to put in practice all that they have learned in the semester as far as the project management course was concerned.

Lessons learned by the Project Team

It gave students the chance to have a feel of the challenges projects face. These challenges include but not limited to resource availability and mobilization (Financial and non-financial).

Other things learned and experienced were the phases projects go through, how to handle unforeseen challenges and target the energies, efforts, and expertise of the project team (members) toward goal congruence.

Group photograph after the event -Wooow
Selfie time- OBKAY joins pupils in the historic picture.

9 corporate governance and 8 leadership students made up the students’ project team. The external resource persons from the Ghana Aids Commission.

2 lecturers joined the students to Oduman Asuaba M/A Basic School for this important project. Their words of advice to the pupils was heartwarming, inspiring and challenging.

The students are to submit a detailed report on the project.

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