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Trending Scams in Ghana and how to avoid them

Trending Scams in Ghana and how to avoid them

Trending Scams in Ghana and how to avoid them
Trending Scams in Ghana and how to avoid them

Trending Scams in Ghana and how to avoid them is a key knowledge you need to stay safe on and off the internet.

The information in this post is to give you a fair understanding of what to expect online and on social media and how to ensure, you are not fooled.

Ghanaians get scammed easily no matter their level of education. However, the continued warnings from government agencies and the security services for Ghanaians to be extra careful with syndicates almost always gets ignored.

The new kid on the block Menzgold attests to the fact that, Ghanaians seem to easily forget past experiences of others and soon fall prey to theses well-planned scams.

Mention can be made of Pyram, God is Love Fun Club, DKM Diamond Microfinance Limited (DKM), SAVANNA BROKERAGE INVESTMENT and Menzgold.

Today, customers of Menzgold are counting their losses. Both those who have for now lost huge investments and those who never invested in Menzgold must be extra careful not to suffer any such losses in future.

Scams trending in Ghana today

Peer-To-Peer Lending

Peer-To-Peer Lending simply referred to as (P2P)’ “Peer-to-peer is a scamming system put in place to allow individuals to borrow and lend. It removed the middle man (regulators). When you see anything like this, I urge you to “|run away” because there is 99% chance that, you will be scammed. You will not get your investment back and you cannot trace those behind it. The site may just go down one day and that will be the end of the story.

If you end up joining a P2P managed and controlled by miscreants, hooligans and hoodlums, you are bound to be scammed.

Money Rotation

Money Rotation scams promise you up to 100% interest rate within 2 hours, 1 day and up to 5 days. According to them, your money returns to you doubled. What! Do you believe this? Only greedy people believe such incredible investment avenues.

You get registered with this money rotation system, then they get you paired with another person. Then they demand that you send let say GHS100.00 to the person you have been paired with.

Watch out, it’s a scam and a Ponz for that matter. Many have been scammed.

World remit

There are scammers on social media sharing this “Anyone who is interested in the world remit can call right now and you can use your mobile money number to cash out twice instantly you receive your first money which is 1300GHC and the last one to is 2000GHC world remit is not online investment or p2p no any pledge no any referral too let’s enjoy it right now
Anyone who is interested should call right now.

Don’t be fooled… You will be scammed…

How to identify financial scams and Ponzi schemes

1. The interest promised is very often high and unrealistic. If it is too good to be true, then its probably a lie. Such interest is higher than the T Bills rate.

2. As an investor, the managers of the scheme do not educate you on exactly what your funds will be used for to generate the huge returns.

3. You are put under pressure to make the funds available as soon as you show interest or ask for clarifications. Don’t fall for this.

4. They often use fake contact details and may keep changing the contact they used to get in touch with you. Many have had their phone numbers blocked as soon as they made payment. Don’t be the next victim.

Now, you have been empowered…

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