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Teachers as unsung heroes

Teachers Deserve Better Treatment and Respect

Teachers Deserve Better TreatmentTeachers deserve better treatment and recognition as important key stake holders in the education of every countries human capital.

Teachers play key roles in the impacting of knowledge which in itself is a difficult task. Basic school teachers are at the downstream of education ladder in every country.

In Ghana, pre tertiary education includes basic school and secondary schools. Basic school can be said to include preschool, primary one to Junior High school.

The secondary school on the other hand is fed by the Basic school after pupils have successfully passed the BECE.

At these levels of education, the learner is introduced into the formal school environment. These learner gains admission for the first time with no academic history or with just the basic knowledge.

Watch how they are beating this female teacher

Teachers deserve better treatment

In June 2016, a female teacher was beaten by a group of young men at New Town because she punished a girl. They visited the school and dished out their own punishment to the teacher. This attitude can negatively affect the learner and his or her relationship with teachers in general.

When the public behaves like this toward teachers, you wonder the value they place on the educator.

During the May 2018 WASSCE, final year students taking part in the exams in Zabzugu Senior High School, took the law into their own hands and beat the teachers who were invigilating them. This was because the teachers refused to allow them cheat in the examination. They vandalized properties running into thousands of Ghana Cedis.

Roles of teachers 

The roles of teachers are many and complex. Teachers at the pre tertiary schools lead, mold, train and impact knowledge on a daily basis. Teachers deserve better recognition from parents and the general public.

But, like talented and skillful porters, teachers take their new raw materials: Pupils who are synonymous to clay without form, texture and unearthed capabilities.

These teachers introduce lessons, direct, inspire and coach their pupils daily into individuals who now understand concepts and issues at their level in English, Mathematics, Science, the arts and other subjects.

Furthermore, they mold behaviours and attitudes, they become role models of their pupils. Learners gain confidence and become assertive. Teachers make their learners believe and challenge themselves to excel in life.

Also, these teachers introduce the learners and concepts for the first time. In doing this, teachers have the most difficult task of making such learners comprehend and appreciate the new concepts.

Upon all these sacrifices of teachers, they do not enjoy the needed recognition and respect as educators.

It looks as though the Ghanaian public does not appreciate these teachers who spend sleepless nights to prepare each lesson. They brainstorm to come out with innovative and creative ways to teach young minds to understand and acquire knowledge.

Again, as a country, we seems to quickly forget the efforts of teachers at the pre tertiary schools when the children get promoted to the next class or sit for the BECE or WASSCE.

Challenges of teachers: Teachers deserve better treatment

Teachers Deserve Better Treatment
School Children in Ghana Using Stones as Mouse in ICT lessons

Each year, these teachers put their lives and health on the line. All these they do for their pupils in an effort to help these children become better and useful citizens tomorrow.

It is very sad that, sometimes, parents and guardians have the gut to abuse such educators and call them names. These teachers deserve better than this attitude if parents towards them.

Teachers have being chased out of the classroom, beaten and manhandled with no respect by aggrieved parents.  Many of the issues that led to this could have been solved using dialogue and the appropriate methods and avenues available for redress.

The way forward:Teachers Deserve Better Treatment

Teachers Deserve Better TreatmentThe 2018-2019 academic year starts on the 12th of September 2018, it is our hope that, teachers will be accorded the maximum respect by parents. This will enable teachers to perform their duties in a calm and welcoming atmosphere.

Both parents and teachers must work together as partners in the interest of the pupil so that the academic year is devoid of clashes and disrespect that will only derail academic work.

Finally, give the school teacher all the respect and support. Teacher beating by parents and guardians must not be allowed to continue in this country of ours.

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 Roles of parents 

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