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Teachers as unsung heroes

Teachers as unsung heroes

Teachers as unsung heroes continue to contribute immensely to lives across the world.
A classroom or subject teacher is a special person, who makes many dreams come true.

Never greedy, they share and transfer vital knowledge day in day out to add great value to young and ignorant minds that become learned, rained, skilful and educated.

Teachers are despised by all yet they contribute immensely to the economic growth of every country. Yes, they do, from crèche through to the tertiary level.

Anyone who stands before a group of ignorant people and makes them knowledgeable in a specific area of expertise is worthy of appreciation.

People who have not had a taste of the teaching field might say things against them, do wrong things to them and no one will mind, even though these people have been taught by teachers or have teachers teaching their wards to become better people.

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The Contributions of Teachers to National Development

Teachers may not look as sharp as bankers or any elite professional but their contribution to national development cannot be overemphasized.

Every nation requires labour to run its economic sectors and in this global village where educated human resource is most preferred, these teachers go through the pain of raising trained labour to meet the needs of our changing world and the world of work.

The teacher has to deal with all the mistakes of the student until he/she gradually becomes a well-defined being with fewer mistakes as compared to when he/she first walked into that teacher’s class. Sad to say that, the teacher doesn’t get to enjoy the end product of his toil and sacrifice.

The development of  moral values

Teachers as unsung heroes also develop the moral values of the student through the teaching of subjects like religious and moral education and citizenship education.

Lessons from the aforementioned subjects help shape the lives of students, which in the long run makes them responsible citizens. Of course, the total moral standard of a person can’t be credited to the teacher’s lessons or display of character but we can say they play a major role in that.

Benefits of the teacher they say are in heaven. Really?  “teachers have their reward in heaven”, this is a popular saying in the part of the world I come from.  This is so because everyone has come to accept the poor remuneration of teachers as compared to other professionals.

Teachers have been made to believe that there is a special package sitting in heaven waiting for them, then I asked, will all teachers go to heaven? If yes, where in the sixty six (66) of the bible was it stated? I believe that quote should be frowned upon so that the teacher will have his wages according to the work he does.

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I don’t think a worker in firm A will walk to firm B to collect his wages after services rendered, so if a teacher worked on earth he should be paid on earth, except otherwise.

Our teachers, dedicated to their work yet the unsung heroes have contributed immensely to our future and that of the nation. I believe they need more than a day to be recognized and celebrated.

I think they should be recognized daily and this can be done through the increment of their wages to the range of other professionals.

Also, the introduction of some other incentives such as free healthcare will further make a difference. When this done the teaching profession will not be the last resort of students but a childhood dream.

My Appreciation

My dear teachers, our unsung heroes for life, I love you. if it had not been for you I would have been an unlettered adult with no education, aggressive and ill-mannered. I Appreciate your efforts. Thank you…

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