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Sex For Grade SCANDAL -TOP University LECTURERS to be Cut to Size

Sex For Grade Scandal has hit the University again. Over the years, allegations and accusations of some lecturers with regards to their continuous and unquenchable desire to get female students to swap sex for grade have come up and being condemned strongly. This unhealthy practice has taken several forms, tactics and methods. This bad practice has lingered on for so long to today. 
  If the reaction of Ghanaians to the most recent No. 12 video by Anas is anything to go by, Ghana will be treated to shocking Sex For Grade scandals in the education sector which will shake the nation like an earth quake when top, well respected lectures get exposed. Many may be caught pants down in a disgraceful manner.
For those who believe that, the University is a grounds to misbehave sexually and so go on a rampage sleeping with their female students in the spirit of Sex For Grade to award them grades they don’t deserve will have themselves to be blamed for not controlling themselves.
Information gathered indicates that, MyNewsGH.com has come across some big names that will blow your mind and make your jaw drop as soon as the Sex For Grade videos are released. In fact, when the truth is unveiled and explodes many will move from grace to grass.
It is for now not clear as to which lecturers from which of the Universities are involved but information circulating currently will surely make characters or individuals who have being engaging in this act jittery in all tertiary institutions across the country. 
Since the news regarding Sex For Grade was made public, chances are that,  evidence in respect of this will begin to flood the social media in the form of audios, videos, text messages, and pictures, hell will break loose.
OMG! What will happen to the reputation of these acclaimed and respected personalities? How will their families receive the news? We are all seating on a time bomb. We will keep you updated as the story unfolds.

Similar activities are common in Universities in other African countries. Nigeria and other African countries  have recently published how a lady said a big No! to the advances of her lecturer. The story and its outcome would be a reference point to those to be caught in the Ghanaian version. 


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