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Senior High School

Senior High School Benefits in Ghana

Senior High SchoolSenior High Schools in Ghana is the level of education between Junior High School and tertiary education. Every parent seeks the best of success for their children in Senior High Schools in Ghana.

Senior High School education holds the key to unlocking the potentials of their kids. Learners in different fields. At this level of education, learners are provided with better opportunities in future if they excel to progress into the tertiary institutions.

Secondary school education in Ghana spans two and a half years. It was previously a three year program, which was changed to fours year and finally to 2 ½ year.

Benefits of Senior High School

Education is very important to every learner with an ambition to attain any kind of formal profession career. Basic schools provides the leaner with the needed background or foundation on which future learning is developed at the Secondary level. The human resource of every country is the most important resource needed to propel the country into growth and development.

Secondary education is more focused compared to Junior High School education.  It provides the needed initial path and guidance for further study. The path provided by Secondary Education can be said to be the final path for the future career direction. If the path is bad, at this level, it can go a long way to affect the career path of the learner.

Senior High School education increases one’s chance of getting employed since each program of study at the SHS leaves students with several options to choose from as far as their future careers are concern. This means that students have variety to choose from when applying to tertiary institutions after WASSCE.

Also, Senior High Schools develops the mental agility of students, they become socially and intellectually aware of themselves, the environment and their potentials. They acquire not only technical skills but knowledge in specific areas such as accounting, management, biology and the like.

Other Benefits of Senior High School

Furthermore, Secondary education helps guide students to choose and study programs that would help them become professionals in future. For students intending to become medical doctors or Accountants, General Science and Business studies at the SHS will surely give them a leap toward realizing this dream. Those interested in Vocational training and skills map opt for Home Economics, Auto mechanics and other related professions.

Today in Ghana, Senior High Schools education has moved from three terms a year to a Double Track System which is expected to admit two batches of candidates into secondary schools across the country. This new system takes off in on September 11th 2018 and will run a semester system.

This new policy direction by government aims at achieving Equity, Access and Equality. Senior

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