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Ranking Universities in Ghana

Ranking Universities in Ghana

Putting Tertiary Institutions to the Acid Test in Ghana

In every industry, there is competition and so it is among tertiary education providers. Ranking of such education providers comes with diverse opinions as to what the parameters or criterion were used to arrive at the ranking

Ranking of tertiary education providers (public or privately owned) by   http://www.4icu.org/gh/ has generated a lot of heated debate among students, school managers and other stakeholders across universities on social media and in lecture halls. 

Ranking Criterion used have weights associated with them to help rank the tertiary institutions per continent, per region and per country, According to Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU), Quality education and per capita academic performance carry a weight of 10& each. faculty, research output ( papers published and  those indexed in science citations also carry a weight of 20% each. By this method, not even University of Ghana made it to the 43 best in the world list. Readers can also download some criterion here.

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Many are the disbelief and sentiments raised by students about the ranking released. What was the criteria? How come polytechnics are ranked higher than universities and why combine both public and private institutions in this ranking are just a few of the valid and invalid questions asked some of which are bias due  to personal affiliations. If you have been blinded by your institutional affiliation seat up and read on.

There several very important factors that make a university a world class one or just one of those universities. Objectivity is key in the conclusions you draw at the end of reading this article.

Research has shown that there are approximately 17000 universities in the world and the best among them share some common features. Let us put our various universities and polytechnics to the acid test now

First of all, best ranked universities

  • Boast of a high concentration of talent, students and academic staff
  • They have a hub of copious resources for a complete learning atmosphere
  • Technology is at the heart of the heart of teaching and learning
  • They do a lot of advanced research in collaboration with researchers from sister universities 
  • They are self governing with autonomy hence are able to embark of strategic visions and innovation to enrich the total learning community with the best in the world.

The best ranked universities are producers of numerous research works that carry a lot of weight in terms of value, content and relevance. They involve researchers from other universities from different disciplines. This makes such universities and polytechnics enjoy international reputation in the areas of research and teaching. The ground breaking researches they have done is what they leverage on.

Best ranked universities have the best faculties made up of world class lecturers, they have visiting international lecturers as well who bring their experiences and knowledge in their fields of specialization to bear on students and the school environments in general.     

They boast a number of international leaders in their fields and many world-class departments, which enables them to produce innovative ideas in basic and applied research in abundance and ground-breaking research with impact.

The level of the student quality is another criterion that is used to distinguish one university from another. World-class universities attract the best students as well as high level of international post graduate research students. Very often the crème de la crème candidates end up in such institutions. They also produce the very best graduates as well and the education provided here can easily be linked to industrial needs

The level of technological integration into the teaching and learning environment and students work also determines the how well ranked or otherwise a school is. Schools that have embraced technology in the school’s curriculum activities are ranked better. It will interest you to know that many universities in Africa do not have modules, online teaching materials or even online library of lecture notes, videos and the like for students to access. Particularly in the form of considerable Online Open Courses.These are a few of the issues considered when ranking tertiary institutions.

I advice you do further reading here

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Written by:Wisdom Eli Kojo Hammond

Picture credit: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Upsa_main_block.jpg



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He authored "Returnees of the Dead Forest" in the UK with Xlibris Publishing House. in 2013

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