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Provoking self belief and collective hard work

Provoking self belief and collective hard work in Ghanaians

A man is just a individual just as a woman. When they marry, they become couples, when they give birth they become a family. Families together make a society, societies make a nation. When a child is born, he or she is born into a family, a home, a community and into a nation with an identity and personality.

Ghana's independence
Ghana’s independence

There can never be a nation without citizens neither can a prosperous nation emerges from a divided people. When people who should be united become individualistic, self centered and pessimist, they build an opaque dream that is scatted and unachievable. In the absence of the spirit of love and lack of support for good course means citizens dig holes into the efforts of each other as the fail to leverage of the benefit of unity and self help.

It s only a child, who makes an effort to crawl that learns to stand. It is in an attempt to stand that he or she learns to take a step. In trying to take a step, the child learns to walk. Falling and standing up and trying over and over again, he or she learns to walk and run. In all these, the child is supported by family and friends, through laughter and cheers, tears and smiles, inspiration and challenge as well as encouragement. When a child falls while learning to walk he or she is encourage but not tagged as lazy or weak.

Every nation goes through the hard and tough times in life just like individuals. The challenges of the people together tell the struggles of the nation. The dreams of the people affect the national policy and agenda of the government that has a listening ear. The beliefs, aspirations, dreams and optimistic spirit of the citizenry determines the path the nation takes toward growth and development. The unity and support of diverse minds with positive sincere intentions for the nation help shape the destiny of the nation.

If a nation is divided in ideas and perceptions, if a leader is pulled down and his or her efforts to develop the nation and make life comfortable for the people is hampered by other citizens who think they should rather be the head, the poor and ordinary people suffer. If the leader’s efforts are tagged as wrong by those who do not belong to the leadership team all because of their individualistic ambitions as citizens, the nation suffers. If a nation claims to be interested in the well being of the people but fails to portray that is deeds and thoughts toward the people, the nation is doom.

If a nation is left in the hand of self centered leaders the nation retards in everything. If citizens begin to complain not because the leadership is not working but that, they those complaining want the leader substituted so that they those complaining will take over, the focus of the nation is jeopardize.

You may disagree with me but the fact remains the same that, these things you read are true. Look at the united, focused efforts of the ants and termites in the dry season as they gather and stock their warehouse with food and all they need in the rainy season. Some of them may have divergent ideas yet, they work together for their common good.

Today, working together for our common good has become a rare commodity among us. Instead of supporting those climbing the good ropes we complain about and waste time on issues that should be dealt with in the spirit of friendship and love.

If someone sees the wrong you are doing and tells you, that does not make him or her your enemy. If you are not a member of the team, learn to be a good supporter. The hand is a dynamic part of the body it is like a nation. The fingers are not equal neither are the spaces in between the fingers the same. God is His wisdom, did not place the fore finger in the middle of the fingers in arranging them, neither did He make the thumb the index finger. Life offers different opportunities to us all no matter whom you are and where we find ourselves.

If we do not tap the inner gifts we harm society and not only ourselves. We were all created equal but an unequal in our equality. Just as the lion cannot be the mouse so must the mouse not be the dog. Life offers us all our unique strengths and weaknesses no matter who we are. Learning to take advantage of our strength as a united people and working to reduce the impact of our weaknesses on our achievements, we can make our nations in Africa great and strong.

Unity in Africa is a real commodity between individual and countries. Inferiority complex has replaced self belief and optimism. Fear has eroded our courage. Peace is no longer a quality we can be proud to say we have as Africans. Some have become slaves in their own land, aliens in our continent. Prisoners in their own minds. I urge you my readers to emancipate your mind from mental slavery rise above mediocrity. Shine and look within and without yourself and you will see that, you have a special identity, a gift, a dream, a hope, a wish. Rise up and give your best and do your best. The future you aspire is dependent on the steps you take today. Who you are today was as a result of the choices you made in the past. Make a good choice today as an individual and know that, you can see the future but can only get the by hard work and determination.

If we all work hard individually, we are indirectly working hard collectively. Let us be proud of Africa and work hard as I work hard so that together we all work hard toward our collective dreams and aspirations.

Written by Wisdom Eli Kojo Hammond

Picture Credit: http://www.crossed-flag-pins.com

Wisdom is an ambitious optimist who believes in venturing out to create and to revolutionize the world a post at a time, writing to educate, inspire, entertain, influence and start thought-provoking debates on varied topics.

He loves writing, a skill he developed as a pupil at the University Staff Basic School, Legon, Accra. He has never looked back.

He authored "Returnees of the Dead Forest" in the UK with Xlibris Publishing House. in 2013

When others see the challenges of today, Wisdom sees the successes of tomorrow in a world filled with opportunities. He holds the belief that today's genuine efforts, dreams and aspirations will become rewarding.

Wisdom is currently studying Mphil. Leadership. He enjoys writing, blogging, playing football, public speaking and teaching.

Contact Ghanaeducationnews.com or Wisdom for your school's news coverage or promotion of school-related events, advertisements and publications.

Wisdom believes in partnership, teamwork and networking.

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