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Be positive minded at all times and even during tough times for that is when you need it most. No one was born with inabilities or in-capabilities in any respect, rather our believes and customs and therefore the society we discover ourselves in and the individuals we tend to have contact with influence to a larger extent, what we become. This goes a long way to shape our destiny and future positively or negatively.

If one is born into a society where individuals don’t believe themselves and their inner God given potentials, chances are that such a person would lack self confidence and the hope of becoming a better person in future. If one finds him or herself in or among people that feel inferior and look down upon their own talents, they only interrupt their chances of ever making it in life as they become their own limitations and migrate from a positive state to believe into a dimension of failure and hopelessness. The power of the mind which should have yielded positive outcomes and propel ones believes and chances of success becomes a centre of personal destruction through the mind. This implies that one’s positive state of mind which might propel him or her into accomplishment becomes a potential destructive tool that slowly but surely erodes success trails everlastingly.

Many are the fears that we tend to produce habour and nature in our minds daily which do not actually exist in reality. Less destructive are the fear that actually exist if we live them in their inactive states. Watering them in our thoughts and entertaining them only weakens are faith and the power of positive thinking and soon we give in to negative thoughts that enslave us and steal our happiness “Its your life, its your choice’’ , “Life is however you live it” If individuals only knew the power of their thoughts and therefore the power hidden within them, they’ would be ready to chest out, chin in and challenge the very little troubles of life and so surmount any obstacle that comes their way to kill their “I can do it” spirit.

It is solely people who believe they’ll that ever have an opportunity of succeeding. It’s solely people who say I’ll attempt that will ever get the expertise of failing and not repeating the same mistakes, it’s solely people who try to and fail, that learn to try and do it right the next time. It’s solely people who learn to try and do it right that have the blue print to triumph and every other time they step out again they do it right and hence they get to know the success procedure. I urge you to maneuver out of the worry zone into an area of self-confidence and success.



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Written by Wisdom Hammond

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