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Parent Instructs Teachers: Discipline my children if they go wrong

Parent Instructs Teachers: Discipline my children if they go wrong

The GES has banned the use of canes in all schools however, as we published in an earlier article titled…. We brought to bear the likely dangers of using the cane in the school environment on children.

This parent name withheld, decided to take the bold step by writing to the heads and teachers of his wards schools.

In his letter, he said he will not be part of the to ban caning as supported by of government that. He wrote”I will not be part of the law from government schools that teachers should not correct the notorious students by caning or beating with a cane”

He holds the view that, teachers should use the can as a correction tool to correct his wards for him. To write such a letter is in itself is a bold step. Many parents may have similar convictions but do not have the gut to make such an offer to teachers.

To get the full story behind the letter the parent wrote to the schools, Ghanaeducationews.com interviewed the parent over the phone. Below is the full interview on the reasons why the  parent instructed teachers to discipline his wards if they go wrong.

Question: What is the reason behind the letter when  many parents are against caning?

Response: It is true, I have attended school before but I did not get the chance to further it and now a farmer. Through the use of the cane, somethings can be corrected in the life of the students. Today, some children are standing up against teachers and try to fight them. It is because, of this law.

He said his children are in different schools and have a certain behaviour, before going to school, but upon returning, I notice a different lifestyle which is worse.  I can attribute many of these bad attitudes to the absence of caning in school.  They way they talk and act have become worse. I don’t really cane them at home but, I do my best to mould them well. Each time they return home, I have a daunting tasks managing their bad attitude.

Before children can do the right thing, they need to be put on the right path.  Pride has taken over some of them because the cane is not used anymore.

He believes that, if the cane is not used once a while, the children will not learn nor do the right thing.

Question: Now that you have given teachers the power to use the cane, don’t you think some the teachers may over cane and hurt your child?

Answer: You see, we are all humans. Any teacher who over canes a child, has a problem. Just taking the cane and threatening a pupil is enough to make them behave well.

Question: Don’t you think some children out of fear will do the right thing and not necessarily respect the teacher?

Answer:  That is true in some circumstances but the fear of cane amongst my children is helpful and makes them behave well at home and this should continue at school. I have not caned one of my children for the past 15 years, the use of the eye and my special voice of warning my kids alone does the trick most of the times and a maximum of three strokes carefully done is enough.


What behavior are children putting up in recent times?

Answer: Laziness and procrastination amongst children is on the increase. Their attitude towards learning is not encouraging, you have to force them virtually all the time before they learn. 

He added that his child in one of the girls secondary schools passed in only one subject during an end of term exams and the teachers felt bad about it and complained. She got annoyed for being told she has not worked hard enough. Instead of taking it in good faith and challenging herself, she felt she was being worried by the teachers. 

What advice do you have for parents who are against my children caning of their children?

Well, that is their choice. For me, I want my children to be the best and behave well and disciplined at all times. This is the magic wand of all good students. I expect teachers to do their work well just like the teachers of my time so that; the future of our children will be great. I want my children to reach the highest levels I could not reach in life and if the cane will positively contribute to it. I am all for it. 

In our days, one stroke of cane will make you situp, today, they say no cane, and our children are getting spoilt. The Bible tells us not to spare the rod and spoil the child. The presence of the cane breads discipline.  

I came across a parent fighting a teacher because his ward has been corrected. How? That is a bad habit. Our children need teachers who correct with love.

Any advice for our school children?

Answer: They should behave well at home and in town. They should respect their parents and their teachers. Children, give your parents the maximum respect. Return same to teachers. I have worked in a school before which won awards as the cleanest and most disciplined. I know I have nothing that is why I am striving to ensure my children blend discipline with academic work so they can become scholars in their fields of study and work in future.

Finally, my intension is not to break the law but to ensure, I get the best from the school my children attend, their teachers and every bodies effort

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