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New Trends in Examination Malpractice: WEAC and GES take note

New trends in examination malpractice continue to emerge in the education sector of the country with more emphasis on BECE and WASSCE exams.

Examination malpractice is defined as a deliberate wrongdoing contrary to official examination rules designed to place a candidate at unfair advantage or disadvantage. Grin.com

New Trends in Examination Malpractice
New Trends in Examination Malpractice

Over the past few years, it seems as though examination malpractice has been on the low at the BECE and WASSCE levels since the last mass leakage and cancelation of BECE exams some four years ago.

The BECE has not experienced any major and massive examination malpractice is commendable, however, it is important that the Ghana Education Service and the West African Examination Council continue to put in place stringent measures to ensure that, the low level of massive examination malpractice at the BECE is further improved.

It is also prudent that investigation or research or both are conducted to ascertain if really what the current situation seems to suggest and paint is really the case.

It is an undeniable fact that exams leakage is on the low side, however, it will be difficult to conclude that, there are no new methods being deployed by those with interest in such illegal acts to engage in examination malpractice of one kind or the other.

Examination Malpractice and WAEC 

WAEC -EXAMINATION MALPRACTICESThe West African Examination Council canceled the results of some students in the last BECE and WASSCE sittings in 2018. There is the need to work hard to foil this new trend that looks harmless before they get out of hands.

Should there be any new unnoticeable methods that are not known to the exams governing bodies, we may be passing the right judgment using the wrong information. That in itself is dangerous to our education system.

Several questions need to be asked and answered. The new trends and methods of engaging in examination malpractices and leakages may have changed unnoticed. For all you know, the battle may not have been won after all.

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New trends in examination malpractice

GES -EXAMINATION MALPRACTICESIn recent times, schools that have sat for the BECE have either collectively or individually been trying to influence resource persons at the centers. During the 2018 BECE, some pupils alleged they were asked to make some contributions for the upkeep of officers. The question is, whose responsibility is it to do that at the various examination centers?

If honored by pupils or schools and delivered to officers of the GES and WAEC at the centers may influence them. They may allow candidates to engage in anything contrary to the rules governing the examination.

Humans as they are, they can be influenced by these tips even though it may look harmless. As we get ready for the 2019 BECE registration to commence, let the authorities ponder over this issues. It is better we lasting solutions to this now.

Some candidates are hiding mobile phones in their shoes and sandals. They make holes in the shoes and hide the phones in there, then wear the shoes into the exams hall.

Some candidates are hiring persons who have completed secondary school and are in the universities to write their WASSCE exams for them. You do not need to cheat in exams, just read crazy ways to pass your exams.

Chief stakeholders and their contribution to examination malpractice 

Examination stakeholders such as Schools, Headteachers, school owners, teachers, parents. Others such as security agents, invigilators, pupils or students have all contributed to this dilemma.

Exams invigilators and supervisors may collude with teachers, school principals or students. Teachers are allowed to come around to help the candidates.

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Free SHS-GES -EXAMINATION MALPRACTICESThe Ghana Education service instructed that teachers should not be present in and around the exams center. This was to ensure, the practice is foiled and avoided entirely. In the past, security agents, printers and staff of examination have been caught. They have messed with the system they were to protect to give all candidates a level field.

There are instances where schools that refuse to pay such monies have been painted black. Both public and private schools are equally guilty of this. If the Ghana Education Service and WAEC are aware. It is time they sit up and do something about it.

Those engaging in exams malpractices may no longer be chasing after exams papers. They may be doing something new altogether.

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