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Dr. Mathew Opoku Prempeh

Minister of Education performed poorly in 2018-Online polls

Ghanaeducationnews.com has the results of a poll conducted by educationnet which suggests that the Minister of Education Dr. Mathew Opoku Prempeh performed poorly. The poll revealed that 78% of respondents rated the Minister a poor performer while 22% rated him as excellent.  This is indicated in the infographic below.

Minister of Education performed poorly in 2018 Online polls


Ghanaeducationnews.com holds the view that, the outcome of this pool is not far from reality. Our polls showed that 40% of Ghanaians believe he was Good, 30 % Voted him as a below Average minister of education while the remaining 30% held the view that he was an average minister. Some persons may hold the view that saying the Minister of Education performed poorly in 2018 is debatable. 

Minister of Education performed poorly in 2018 Online polls

However, the overall statistics show that in 2018, the minister of education become seemingly unpopular among stakeholders. 31% of respondents rated him good whiles 69% think he performed poorly. 

In 2018 we published an article titled “An Open letter to the Minister of Education”It is worth reading.
In that write-up, we pointed out some very important issues of great concern which the minister should consider in leading the ministry going forward. We encourage you to read it. 

some of the reasons why accounting for the above are.

Poor communication

Communication is key for an effective leader. Having the right information, ideas and zeal to do the work are irrelevant when communication is poor.

Listening to the views critical stakeholders such as teachers and their unions, consulting them on issues that are of interest to them.  iN 2018, the deduction of SIC insurance policy premiums from the salaries of teachers without the consent negatively impacted the minister.

In 2018 we published an article titled “An Open letter to the Minister of Education”

Minister in the wrong ministry

The government seemed to have put a square peg in a round hole by appointing Dr. Mathew Opoku Prempeh as Minister for Education. One can be versatile and experienced in one field and yet perform poorly in another.

There are times when the excellent skills become irrelevant in another jurisdiction. The minister as a medical professional had tough times dealing with issues at the ministry. 

Online, our president should consider critically the possibility of ministers to gel well in their designated ministries before they are sent in there. However, one could say that in the face of all the challenges the minister faced, he made some tough decisions that will help the education ministry going forward. 

Mention can be made of the introduction of the Teacher Licensing Exams.

In 2018 we published an article titled “An Open letter to the Minister of Education”

We look forward to a better performance by the minister in 2019 only if he is not affected by a reshuffle by the president of the republic. 

Minister of Education performed poorly in 2018 according to the two polls cited. If you have a divergent opinion, bring it on board. If you agree with these outcomes share your comment on this post. 

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