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Life’s traffic lights

Life’s traffic lights

Life’s traffic lights ; your sources of inspiration not a chance to give reasons for failing. Excuses are beautiful and powerful, they create a comfort zone for us to explain the reasons behind our failure. They help comfort us that we did our best but circumstances around us did not permit our success to arrive from our efforts.


Life’s traffic lights and your dreams
ArtsyBee / Pixabay

Life’s traffic lights are not an opportunity to give excuses for failure, take a minute to examine yourself well. All you are doing is to reward Mr. Excuses for winning the battle against you. When you l…o…o…s…e all the excuses, and prevent them from haven a grip on your mind, you will begin to think again about the outcome you want then you will find the results. When you silence all the reasons that come to mind as the cause of the failure, you will see the way forward.
Failure is not your destination, Life’s traffic lights; your sources igniting moment and so don’t give excuses for failing, learn from your failure, see it as a teacher and move ahead with your ambition, destination and unquenchable vision and tomorrow’s success picture glued, printed, and stapled in your mind.
If Life’s traffic lights can guide you to your sources, then don’t give up now, if you are feeling like a loser, hold on, start thinking all over as to why you started in the first place. If the answer is not to fail, get up, chest out, chin in and pick up the pieces. The failure may just be the red light of lives traffic light, to give you a quick reflecting time for a better take off or just the yellow of lives traffic light to make you get ready for a better challenge.

Time to re-examine and step out


Life’s traffic lights
geralt / Pixabay

Be it Red or Yellow, seize the opportunity to re-examine what you have done wrong so far and correct them. Life’s traffic light indicators may only be a control measures to put you back on track. Live a life of positivist. Dream a life of possibility. Have a mind engulfed by optimism, Carve a dream of reality. Shape your steps with accuracy. Hit your target with precision. D o not let the problems hold your dream back, you have hat it takes to do a good analysis of the challenges in your life’s walk way. Think deep, think wide, and dig into the inner strength and the I can do spirit. Find the solution and proceed with your life’s dreams.
One step at a time, keep pushing towards the goal you have in mind. Don’t stop dreaming and believing, attract the good into your life. Paint the picture of your future today in your mind and paint it into reality with each step each day. Your limitations only exist in your mind. The more you entertain it the bigger. I have walked through this before; I know what I speak of. When the going gets tough, know you are close to the finish line. Life’s traffic lights come our way all the time just us they are found on our roads. When you feel like giving up, know that you may be so close to the dream.


Life’s traffic lights and your dreams
PaintedFeet01 / Pixabay

I hear people say, they are waiting for the perfect condition to take the opportunity. I hear others say, strike when the iron is hot. Life is not lived that way, if you are waiting for an opportunity it will not come.
Walk out, look for the opportunity, create one for yourself if you find none, grab it only then can you can strike for the iron is hot. Be motivated, and know that you need a daily dose of it. It does not last just as bathing, just as we ought to bath every day, you’ve got to motivate yourself daily. Shalom, Peace and life.

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Written by Wisdom Eli Kojo Hammond

Wisdom is an ambitious optimist who believes in venturing out to create and to revolutionize the world a post at a time, writing to educate, inspire, entertain and start thought-provoking debates.

Loves blogging, public speaking and a human rights advocate with the Human Rights Reporters Ghana. Wisdom writes for, and

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