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Konongo Kaya, our Success hindering friends

Konongo Kaya, dog in the manger

“KONOGO KAYA” is a Ghanaian word meaning blocking chances for others while not acting to achieve what you are preventing others from doing.

People who are not ready to move forward in life or in any particular event but at the same time are not willing to allow those who want to progress to move forward are said to be Konongo Kaya.  Such a person is like a “dog in the manger”.

You will find them in offices, schools, politics and in families. Such persons do not belong or must not be where they are yet they won’t allow the right people to be at the right place.

Look around and you will see many such people in our society, workplaces and homes. You may even be one of such persons as a friend.

Preventing Succeess, Konongo kaya, a dog in a manger
PeterDargatz / Pixabay

Konogo Kaya is just envy

There are times when you realize that, allowing certain things to happen will affect you and make someone genuinely successful.

Out of greed, you may act in certain ways that only prevent others from getting what they deserve.

You don’t mind even if they do not become successful after all, you are not going to benefit either will they if you are successful with the evil actions.

Konogo Kaya attitudes only kill initiative and the effort of others.

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Sometimes when a child is asked to perform certain chores at home such as washing dishes, he or she may refuse to do it and if others get up to go and perform the same task.

The former prevents the latter by either standing in the way through any means possible to make sure, the work is not done at all. Such a child is a Konongo kaya “dog in the manger”.

Such persons, whether children or adults, are very dangerous in the sense that, they are only interested in preventing others from succeeding.

Such attitudes if found in children and the growing adult must be a worrying concern to all right-thinking members of society.

Such people believe others should be delayed in whatever they want to do.

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What to be done about Konogo Kaya“dog in the manger”.

I hope you are not one of such people but if you are, you have to change that attitude.

Do not be a hindrance to the success of others.

Allow those who are keen on working hard to do so.

My advice to you is to give way to those who want to excel in.

Life is very precious and on a timeline and so delaying others in taking the vital decision is as bad as anything.

Do not be a hindrance to the success story of others. Do not be tagged as Konongo Kaya. Relieve yourself from that title now!!

Wisdom is an ambitious optimist who believes in venturing out to create and to revolutionize the world a post at a time, writing to educate, inspire, entertain and start thought-provoking debates.

Loves blogging, public speaking and a human rights advocate with the Human Rights Reporters Ghana. Wisdom writes for, and

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