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Integrating IT into Education

School Children in Ghana Using Stones as Mouse in ICT lessons

Integrating IT into Education is no longer an option in the 21st century the world over. The 21st century is a highly digitalized world in which the use of technology has gained widespread use in virtually all aspects of human endeavor.

Every year, new technologies are churned out, each curating new ways and systems of getting tasks completed faster and more efficiently. The education sector has been one of the beneficiaries of technological innovation that is sweeping through our world.

Coding course for kids

Ideally, this in itself is nothing out of the ordinary as the education sector is saddled with manpower development. There is the expectation that, the modern day worker, irrespective of academic training and discipline be versed in the knowledge of computer. On a wider scale, the information Technology therefore has become imperative that it be inculcated in the training of students.

Integrating IT into Education: The European Story

Europe is one of the most technologically advanced populations in the world. Many schools make use of projectors, digital textbooks, laptops, smartboards etc. A huge percentage of primary and secondary schools in the continent are connected via broadbrand,

Assignments are given and different tasks which form the continuous assessment are administered through the various information technological gadgets. This computer centric approach is a major factor which has helped Europe cement its position as having the most computer literate populations of the world.

This preferred use of technology has further improved the quality of education available across the educational institutions across Europe. Because of this, they can now have access to latest and updated information in real time, all of which would not be possible without the use of technology.

The success of the information technology models in European educational institutions should serve as a motivation for the African continent which in contrast to Europe has perhaps the most computer illiterate working populations in the world.

There are several offices and employees in public and private employment who never use the computer. They only have a desk and several files heaped on it.

Integrating IT into Education in Village School in Ghana

Its very common to have graduates who cannot use IT tools such as computers to do basic work. In many schools in Africa many schools learn ICT without computers.

Integrating IT into Education
Pupils Learning Double Clicking with stones in Ghana

A typical example was in Ghana in June 2017 where a teacher had to improvise the mouse suing stones. Indeed, integrating the widespread use of information technology into educational instruction accrues a lot of benefit for the continent.

Obviously, the use of IT will enhance the quality of education but much more than this it helps to facilitate the acquisition of basic skills by both the teacher and the students. Also it helps to promote a decent learning environment that will naturally stimulate the interest of students in the learning process as well as reduce the stress level of the teacher.

Integrating IT into Education and Development 

The race to develop Africa has seen a range of targets set by nations and international organizations. Africa, despite its rich resources is still dependent on the more developed nations of the world for sustenance.

However, the key to national development is certainly contained in improvement in educational institutions. One of the ways in which Africa can seek to cut down the gulf in development between her and Europe is to encourage the integration of IT into educational institutions.

Sadly, the world has fast left behind the analogue age and we are fully in the digitalized age. In a continent still suffering from apathy to education in some parts of the continent, it is high time governments put in considerable investment in facilitating the use of cutting edge technology in schools all around the continent.

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