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ICT- Class Two (2) Sample Question

ICT- Class Two (2) Sample Question
  1. Icons are small pictures on the desktop representing files and folders [a] True  [b]  False
  2. The small arrow that moves across the desktop when we move the computer mouse is called [a] mouse  pointer  [b]  keyboard  [c]  desktop
  3. We use the …….. to separate words and letters. [a] computer bar [b] bar  [c]  spacebar
  4. We use the keyboard to type letters and numbers into the [a] mouse  [b[ computer  [c]  spacebar
  5. The spacebar is the longest key on the …. [a] keyboard [b]  monitor  [c]  computer
  6. When you press the spacebar, it erases a letter [a] True [b]  false
  7. A joystick, mouse, and keyboard are all used to [a] sing  [b]  type letter  [c] play games
  8. The joystick is ………………. [a] a computer game  [b]  machine  [c]  used to play games
  9. Which of these is not a computer game? [a] minesweeper [b] solitaire [c] ampe
  10. When typing and you make a mistake, you can use ……. To clean it  [a] spacebar [b]  backspace [c]  eraser
  11. The symbol for backspace is [a]                    [b]                                 [c]
  12. The following are parts of a computer mouse except for [a] right button  [b]  legs  [c]  left button
  13. Where can we locate an icon? [a] desktop [b] keyboard  [c]  blackboard
  14. When we play the computer game, we make ourselves [a] sad   [b]  angry  [c]  happy
  15. The C in ICT stands for [a] company  [b]  computer  [c]  communication
  16. Double-clicking is used to … icons  [a] delete  [b]  open  [c]  close
  17. Which hand do we use to hold the mouse? [a] right hand [b]  left hand  [c]  both hands
  18. Which of these ICT tools is commonly found in our homes [a] television  [b] n printer  [c]  camera
  19. When we press the backspace key, the cursor moves to the ……………. And cleans the letters [a] right  [b]  left  [c]  down
  20. ……………. is a mouse skill [a] looking [b] dragging
  21. The mouse pointer is a thick …………….[a] stick [b]  arrow
  22. The mouse pointer is displayed on the ………… [a] screen [b] paper
  23. Dragging the mouse can help us to ………………. The shapes [a] see  [b]  draw
  24. The ………. Is a programme we use to draw. [a] paint [b]  screen

Name the components of the computer below

ICT- Class Two (2) Sample Question


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