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How to Get a scholarship to Study Abroad

How to Get Scholarship to Study AbroadHow to Get a scholarship to study abroad is a major worry for many students the world over. Efforts towards realizing the dream of studying abroad is a challenge not becuase because are not qualified butb very often, they are unable to do the simple things the right way.

Many top colleges and Universities are ready to offer a full and partial scholarship. Many Applicants are unable to gain full access and get selected as beneficiaries.

This makes it difficult for many applicants to get a scholarship to study abroad. This article will throw more light on this to help readers uncover how to get a scholarship to study abroad by doing the right things the right way at the right time.

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1. You didn’t qualify for the scholarship

It is important to gather all possible information beforehand. , These include whether you are eligible for a particular scholarship, what are the requirements and when is the deadline. In fact, make a spreadsheet on Google Drive if you have to for your convenience.

Every scholarship has a set of specific requirements. For example- if a scholarship requires students with straight-A’s and you generally get C’s, then you simply aren’t eligible for the same.

Before submitting your application, cross check to see if you meet all of the eligibility criteria and if you have completed all of the application requirements satisfactorily. A lot of students are disqualified simply because they’ve forgotten some vital information/ document or made a silly mistake while filling out the form.

Above everything else, don’t apply for a university scholarship when you haven’t been accepted for that program.

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2. Understand How They Evaluate Candidates

It is very important to understand who they are really looking for. Take a look at past years’ selected candidates or the FAQ that is provided on their website.

Carefully read the parts describing how candidates are evaluated and try to understand what their requirements are. Keep checking yourself by coming back to the FAQs. Check your application against each and every one of the criteria they’ve mentioned. Ensure you’ve answered the questions appropriately and in accordance with that.

3. Apply Early

You will definitely need time to get organized and do your research. Find appropriate references and let them know what they are required to do and say. Make arrangements for the required documentation including official transcripts as they may need to be certified. It doesn’t make sense to send in your application unless it is complete, so ensure you check it again in case you have missed something important.

A surprisingly common mistake that people make is assuming that every scholarship has the same deadline. Remember that once the deadline passes, there is nothing you can do to avoid the consequences. In case you submit your application late, it reflects poorly on your organizational abilities.


There’s no preference indicated for early applicants but remember that all the applications are being reviewed by humans, who besides selecting scholarship winners have other jobs and responsibilities.

Your best shot at winning is when someone actually reads your story and thinks you’re worth their organization’s money. If your application is part of a stack of ten, you have a better chance than if it were a stack of hundred.

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4. Essay Tip: Avoid Generic Statements

Out of the hundreds of applications that the reviewers receive, let your application stand out for the right reasons. Tell them a unique story. Avoid the done and dusted statements such as, ‘I want to explore new cultures’ or ‘I’ve always been interested in Mandarin.’ Tell the story of how you befriended the Japanese exchange student back in school. Make your interests come alive through personal experience.

Re-read your essay when it’s done. Ensure you’ve written it with elements that speak about who you are.

 5. Proofreading

Ask someone to check it for possible spelling errors, the accuracy of the structure and whether you have answered the questions appropriately. It’s also a good idea to let your referees take a look, as they’ll have a better idea about what abilities to emphasize on if they are asked for a referral.

Ensure that your spelling is taken care of too. You don’t want your application in the reject pile just because it has just one spelling mistake. It demonstrates your language ability too, so try and make it as close to perfect as possible.

It’s hard to proofread things on a screen so once you’re done with your essays and have an updated resume, print it and read every word out loud. Read your application thoroughly, and correct the grammar and spelling mistakes in red pen.

Edit the digital version, and keep repeating the process until there are no errors. An error like that could stand between you and several thousand dollars, no one wants to be that person.

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