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How to avoid new year resolution failures 2019 and beyond

How to avoid new year resolution failures 2019 and beyond

How to Avoid Resolution Failures
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How to avoid Resolution Failures is a major question today that needs an urgent answer. Resolutions have become a yearly ritual across the globe on 31st December each time the year is about to coil into history because the New Year EVE is a perfect time of the year to make a new resolution. Have you noticed that so many resolutions fail? What about your personal resolution as a student, parent, teacher?

What are New Year Resolutions?

Resolutions can be described as promises, plans and strategies desired, thought of and or wished for by individuals, groups of individuals, organizations, and nations at the end of the year. Such resolutions are to be put into action to attain the desired goals. This desired ideal or positive change are aimed at bringing good results or rewards to bear on the lives of the makers of such resolutions.

How to avoid new year resolution failures 2019 and beyond

How to avoid Resolution Failures is a must have common knowledge yet many ignore it importance when making resolutios. This tradition of individuals resolving to change an undesired trait or behaviour and aspire for a better life has come to stay with mankind. The fact that 2018 is about to go down in history and pave way for the emergence of the new year with a 2019 default name has ignited the desire and the making for new year resolutions.

How many and how long  should a new year resolution be?

Resolutions can be just a few words or a list of desired and hoped for occurrences or plans to be achieved. These are like a scale of preference for many people as the list can sometimes be long and winding.

Churhes will be filled to capacity and every inch of space taken over by both regular and ones a year visitors on December 31st. When churches get filled up with both regular and yearly worshipers, drinking spots and other places of public gathering get momentous visits. New Year resolutions fill the air, minds, and prayers of many far and near.

These accomplishments and desired outcomes of the coming year are very often made in a rush without a second thought. Many of these resolutions fail before 1 January and a lot more before the end of January while others are forgotten in the jubilant moments of the early morning of 1st January.

Over 90% resolutions fail for the following reasons

False hope syndrome Resolutions

My advice to you is that, do away with the “False hope syndrome Resolutions” and be realistic with your resolutions. Many resolutions are made while the individual in on dreamland where every realistic thought is submerged in the world of Cinderella. Many take their wishful thoughts to mean a resolution at the year-end. Such resolutions do not see the light of day in the life of the individuals because they are not backed by facts, perseverance and the willpower to see them happen in real life. Don’t rush in making ill thought of resolutions or else they will all crush.

Cut your New Year Resolution to your strength

Again “Cut your resolution to your strength”. Many of us make resolutions that are more than our resources, time and strength will permit. Even if you are realistic with your plans, watch out and ensure that they are not too many. This way you can focus your efforts on one. “Urine foams only when focused on a location”. It is better to focus our resolution rather than several. For example, if you intend to pass an exam, set your resolution as “I will work hard to pass my Mathematics examination by 80 marks in the June 2017 Examination. This is Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-bound (SMART).


Eleventh Hour Resolutions

Avoid “Eleventh Hour Resolutions”. Many resolutions also fail to materialize because they are made at the New Year Eve. Your resolution must at least start with questions and answers about your achievement and failure latest by 1st December each year. This is ample time to re-examine your reasons for failing or succeeding and making amends.

Resolution Implementation is key

Bit by Bit Implementation is key, don’t take unnecessary huge steps. It is also important to know that, resolutions that become successful are those that are implemented step by step and bit by bit. Just as you must come out with a realistic resolution, you must also plan how to implement it and when to start as well. If you try to take huge and fast steps, chances are that you will miss the mark of the finish line.

In all this, you must be physical, emotionally and mentally healthy, focused and persevere through the tough times while implementing your resolution plans. Physical has to do with your health, fixed assets, time and finances, Emotional health here represents your passion to see the resolution through for the year, your planning and implementation abilities imply your mental health and toughness.

Absence of perseverance is dangerous to resolutuions 

The absence of perseverance is the absence of the willpower to push yourself to the limit. Finally remember that you must be optimistic, surround yourself with the right people, be positive minded and focused. You need a higher power (God) to see you through all this for the human effort has a limit

Now that you and I are aware of how to avoid resolution failures,  It’s my prayer that everyone who comes into contact with this article will, in the end, make the right resolutions and be a blessing in 2019. Shalom, Peace, and life.



How to Avoid Resolution Failures
cabrasjoan / Pixabay






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