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Guidelines and instructions for WASSCE and BECE Candidates

2018 BECE CANDIDATES TO GO BACK TO JHS3The WEAC and GES in an attempt to uphold the value and integrity of the BECE each year have put in place rules or guidelines intended to ensure that candidates behave well, ethically and responsibly while taking the Basic Education Certificate Examination. We publish below the rules that all candidates are to observe while sitting for the BECE.

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General Information For The BECE


The examination centre shall be under the control of the Supervisor who shall be responsible to the Council for the proper conduct of the examination.

The Supervisor will be required to carry out the detailed instructions sent to him/her with reference to the conduct of the examination at the centre. These relate to the distribution of examination question papers to candidates, the collection of scripts at the end of each period and their despatch to the Council in accordance with the Council’s directives and the maintenance of constant and effective supervision over the candidates.

It is the duty of the Supervisor in all cases of irregularity or misconduct in the examination to report to the Council. A candidate who is involved in such irregularity or misconduct must be allowed to continue the examination unless he/she interferes with the work of the other candidates. Further action on such candidates will be taken by the Council in accordance with its rules and regulations.

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A candidate whose examination work is affected by adverse circumstances should inform the Supervisor at the centre at which he/she takes the examination before, during or immediately after the examination. In case of sickness, he/she must supply the Supervisor with a medical report, which should be forwarded to the Council.

The Council may, at any time, send a Special Supervisor to a school or centre to take control of the examination, or may send an officer or Inspector to a school or centre

during the examination to ascertain whether the examination is being conducted in strict accordance with the Regulations.

The Council may, at any time, relocate an examination centre as it may deem fit, before, during or after the examination if there is evidence of massive irregularity and threat to life and property.

It is the responsibility of the Supervisor to report all cases of irregularity, misconduct or acts which contravene the rules governing the proper conduct of the examination.

Any candidate who is reported for misconduct or malpractice is expected to write a statement on his/her conduct.

Candidates must obey all instructions given by the Supervisors and Invigilators. In particular, they must enter and leave the hall when told to do so.

  • Candidates must not give or receive any assistance in answering the examination questions.
  • Candidates must not talk to other candidates during the examination.
  • Candidates must not tear any part of their question papers and objective answer sheets or answer booklets.
  • Candidates must stop work when they are told to do so and must always hand over their objective answer sheets or answer booklets to the Supervisors/Invigilators at the end of the examination.
  • Candidates should not remove any answer booklet or question paper from the examination hall. Examination papers remain the property of the Council and may only be removed if the Supervisor permits it.

In all cases of irregularity, the Council may, after considering the report, cancel either the results of the candidate in the subject involved or his/her entire results.

  • Candidates should not bring any book, paper, bag, mobile phone or unapproved material into the examination room/hall. Such cases will be punished as prescribed by Rules and Regulations of the examination.

The Council does not accept responsibility for such books, bags, mobile phone or other property which candidates leave at the precincts of the   examination

  • Candidates may not be allowed into the examination hall after thirty (30) minutes of the commencement of the examination.

Candidates should not leave the examination hall within thirty (30) minutes of the commencement of the examination.


Candidates with the disabilities indicated in the registration document should notify the  Council in writing with the appropriate documentation of their condition to enable the Council to make special arrangements for them. This notification should reach the Council not later than the last date of the period specified in the registration document.


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