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General Information For The BECE

Free for Public schools, full cost for private schoolsGeneral Information For The Basic Education Certificate Examination

Below are very important general rules and information for schools, parents and candidates who are sitting for the upcoming BECE or would sit for subsequent ones.


With effect from 2015 two examinations will be conducted in a year; one for School  Candidates and the other for Private Candidates, and named:

Basic Education Certificate Examination for School Candidates (preceded by year of examination);

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Basic Education Certificate Examination for Private Candidates (preceded by the year of examination); Thus the examinations to be conducted in 2019 would be known as 2019 Basic  Education Certificate Examination for School Candidates and 2019  –Basic Education Certificate Examination for Private Candidates. 


School Candidates

The BECE for school candidates will be administered exclusively to school candidates at the end of the third year in any junior high school recognised by the Ministry of Education.  It is expected that the candidate should have undergone at least nine years of basic education.

Private Candidates

Two categories of private candidates are permitted to register for the examination.

Re-Sit Candidates

This consists of candidates who have previously sat for BECE. Candidates are therefore required to provide their index numbers and the year they sat for the examination previously.

First Time Candidates

These are candidates who are 18 years or above. Candidates will be required to supply their date of birth during the registration.


(1) General Directions

(i)   Registration will be done electronically as prescribed by the Council.

(ii) Candidates are expected to register in accordance with the guidelines and instructions for the examinations issued by the Council.


It is the responsibility of the Heads of School (for BECE School Candidates) and the Private Candidate to ensure the accuracy of entry data such as names, age and subject options. They should also ensure that the appropriate fees are paid. The Council shall not take responsibility for any error, oversight, or default committed by them.


(iv)             The Council does not undertake to refund fees. However, when entries

are rejected or cancelled, the Council may refund any fees paid in full or in part after deduction of administrative expenses.

(v)               Registration should be completed and all documents forwarded to the

Council not later than the deadlines specified by it.

(vi)             The Council reserves the right to reject entries which do not satisfy the

instruction, guidelines and regulations of the examination and/or are not accompanied by the appropriate fees.

(vii)      The Council reserves the right to nullify any entry at any stage before the examination if it is found to be irregular.

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School Candidates

School candidates are expected to be registered by schools duly recognised by the Ministry of Education. The candidates should be bonafide students of the Junior High Schools registering them.

The Council reserves the right to ensure that schools have adequate facilities for the conduct of the examination.

Private Candidates

Private candidates are to register individually within the period specified by Council.

Facilities for BECE for Private Candidates will be provided by the Council.

Directions to Candidates

“Directions to Candidates” will be made available online at the time of floating of entries for the examination.

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(1)   School Candidates

Any candidate found to have been registered by a school other than the school he/she attended for the entire duration of Junior High School shall have his/her entry nullified unless the transfer to the school has been approved by the GES.

Any registered school candidate without genuine continuous assessment scores will be deemed to be ineligible for the examination and have his/her entire or subject entry cancelled. Heads of School should, therefore, ensure that the continuous assessment scores of all candidates in all subjects are forwarded to the Council as required.

 (2)   Private Candidates

Any registered candidate shall be deemed to be ineligible for an examination if    he/she had not taken the BECE for School Candidates previously; not attained 18 years before entering as a first-time candidate;

not completed serving the ban imposed on him/her by the Final Awards Committee for indulging in examination malpractice in a previous examination.


The dates for the examinations will be communicated to participating schools by circular through the Ghana Education Service and to private candidates by advertisements in the print media.

The examinations Time Table will be issued with the registration documents.


No candidate will be permitted to write the examination at any centre other than the one he/she has been assigned to by the Council.

The Council reserves the right to re-direct private candidates to other centres if there are not enough entries for any particular centre or if there are more candidates at a centre than can be accommodated there.

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Fees are to be paid at some selected banks as prescribed by the Council.

Note that registration will not be valid without the payment of the requisite fee.


Candidates must provide their own pens, pencils, erasers, mathematical sets and painting materials. They are required to write their answers in ink; only blue ink should be used and pencils may be used only for diagrams.

The Council will provide pencils for objective papers.


Candidates who have been exposed to any infectious disease cannot write the examination at any centre unless they are quarantined.


Subjects for the Examinations

School candidates are to enter and sit for the number of subjects approved by GES.

(The list of subjects will be issued with the registration documents)

Private Candidates may enter and sit for any number of subjects they wish.

Continuous Assessment Scores

Continuous Assessment scores will be required of school candidates.  School-based assessment for the first, second and the third years will be required by the Council. The scores for each year should be recorded and submitted to the Council as specified.

The Heads of School should check and certify the information to be provided. The Continuous Assessment scores should be sent to the Council not later than the end of the second term of the third year of the course.

The Council would not be able to produce results for candidates without their

Continuous Assessment scores.

Private candidates are not required to provide Continuous Assessment scores.

Grading of Candidates

Candidates will be graded on a nine-point scale as follows:




High Average


Low Average





General Information

The award of a certificate is entirely within the jurisdiction of The Council will not be liable to any candidate in respect of the withholding or cancellation of any certificate improperly obtained.

Certificates issued by the Council remain its property and legal

proceedings will be instituted against any person who alters anything on them.

School Candidates

For school candidates, results sheets will be sent to Heads of School through

the Metropolitan/Municipal/District Directors of Education after the release of the results. The results sheets will show the results in the examination as a whole for each school and will also indicate the standard reached in each subject taken by each candidate presented unless the results of the candidate has been withheld or cancelled.

The certificates will also be sent to Heads of School through the Metropolitan/Municipal/District Directors of Education.

School candidates shall collect their certificates from their schools.

Private Candidates

Private candidates can access their results from the Council’s website with the use of PIN sold by the Council and its accredited agents.

Also,private candidates shall collect their certificates from the Council’s office located in the region in which they took the examination on completing and presenting the Certificate Collection Form accompanied by an approved national identification document.

Request for Re-Marking

Request for remarking should be received not later than 60 days after the release of results.  Any candidate who makes such a request will pay the appropriate fee before

the remarking is done.

Disposal of Examination Scripts

Examination scripts will be disposed of three (3) months after the release of results.


The Council reserves the right to cancel the results of candidates if it is proved that they have been involved in examination irregularities before, during or after the examination.

It also reserves the right to recall and cancel certificates of candidates involved in any acts of examination malpractice.

The Council will not enter into correspondence about results with any school candidate or their parents or guardians or any other person claiming to act in loco parentis. All correspondence regarding such issues should be sent to the Council by the schools through the Districts/Metropolitan/Municipal/District Directors of


Private candidates are required to forward any complaint about their results to the

Council themselves.


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