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Exams Preparation Secretes for students

Exams Preparation Exams Preparation on any day for any subject is not supposed to be complicated nor stressful and this has is a proof every hardworking smart student has to share for their success in the academics. But how do they do it during the exams preparation?

Most at times, we believe that top students have certain extra ordinary that makes them excel easily in exams at any level. The truth is that such students have to be able to master the act of sitting for and preparing for exams. They have also learned to do the right things during their preparation period as well as in the exams hall.

Let us unwrap the Secretes and tricks top students never tell you concerning preparing for exams.

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Time and Organized Study

One of the exams strategies and tricks used by top students is that they allocate enough time for their studies and organized themselves well for the learning task. Such students do not wait till the last hour before they start rushing through things.


They take their studies one at a time and learn either what has been taught or is yet to be taught long before the teacher starts teaching it and the exams draw nearer. This way, they are less stressed up by the mention of an impending examination. Have you forgotten of “The early bird catches the warm”? Organizing your usage of time and space is a top trick only smart students know.

Learning Space during Exams Preparation 

Exams Preparation Top Students are smart to get a learning space that is conducive and can help accommodate their books. Imagine using a small table with many books to reference from while studying. That can make your learning session very stressful and unproductive as you have to keep moving books onto and off the learning table.

Finding the right time to learn is a trick every student must master. The learning environment must be inviting.  A library or any clean room with good lighting and ventilation is critical. Such a place needs to be quiet and orderly because it will affect your input and out while learning. Any form of distraction must be avoided.

Since we are in the technological era, your mobile phones and tablets can hinder learning. Put them off and far away from you while studying. Frequently visiting your phone for whatsapp messages, for example, is not encouraged.

 Use Flexible Study Techniques

Exams preparation secretes include flexible study techniques. It is one thing learning and another thing using the right studying techniques and tricks.

You cannot learn all the subjects you have to by using the same method. Subjects demanding calculations need a lot of practice whiles reading subjects require constant reading to understand the text.

If you cannot synthesize information, then you may have challenges studying subjects that require a lot of reading.

Focus on the preparation

Secretes and Tricks of top students they will not tell you is that they focus on preparation rather than the impending examination. Focus on the preparation you are making while learning and less on the outcome and develop a study plan and use your best learning style.

If you are good at learning through audios, tape your self-reading your notes and make good use of your phones to listening to the notes rather than reading them over and over again. If this works for you, then you are an auditory learner.

Know the Exams Structure during Exams Preparation 

Students who are smart know the structure of the exam they will be taken ahead of the examination day. Every examination follows a specific structure. Some are subjective, others are objectives, and many are a combination of both.

Getting to know this helps to inform you learn properly. Practice old or past questions as well as trial questions related to the subject.

when done correctly can inspire you and help you to know the progress you have made so far. Know the sections into which the exam is structured as well. Thus know the sections cum the marks allotted for each.

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Explain your answers to others or the mirror

Practice makes perfect. You can revise your notes or lessons learnt by explaining your answers or what you have learned to another person. In case no one is available, your mirror is handy. Stand in front of the mirror and assume to be teaching another person what you have learned.

Join Effective Study Groups and Reward your self

Join only active study groups that will help you polish up, better understand and support your efforts towards learning. Reward yourself with breaks and think positive about your efforts. Have self-confidence that, your efforts will yield the desired results and keep going. Never look back nor feel pessimistic.

Concentrate in Class

Good students in addition to the above-discussed issues pay attention in class throughout the semester and are punctual. Fidgeting with your phone can be very destructive. Take good notes as the lecture goes on. Where possible, tape record lectures and playback to listen to the lectures and make notes from it.

Learn in lots

Smart students break their notes and textbooks to learn into smaller unites and allocate dates and time to study it by each. We encourage you to learn in smaller units. This adds up to cover the content to be learned. Jumping from one topic to the other when you are not through studying the previous one is a sign of stress and anxiety

Bring the right attitude to the learning environment, If you put the above issues, plans and strategies into action, chances are that, you will make good progress in your learning. Begin Now! Don’t procrastinate, inspire your self.

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