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Teacher Banned for life for marrying 13-year-old pupil 

Teacher Banned for life for marrying 13 year old pupil.

Teacher Banned for life for marrying 13-year-old pupil made the biggest news across the world when the news was brought to the public domain. The said teacher is a physics teacher who works as a professional teacher in the UK

According to the news source, he traveled to Bangladesh, married the teenager and had sexual relations with her.

He informed authorities when this became public knowledge that, he believed that the teenager was 18 years as at the time he was marrying her.

The panel that sat to look into this matter indicated that investigations showed the girl informed  Joshim Nur, the teacher of her age ahead of the ceremony. Joshim Nur has, however, is banned for life from teaching.

Investigations by the panel in charge of the case, found out that, the said teacher, had been in a relationship with the child from 2006-2009 at a time, he was old enough to tell the age of the child or investigate to find out that he was dealing with an underaged girl which the laws prohibit.

To worsen the plight of Joshim Nur, the child was videotaped by his father who confirmed the girl’s age to the teacher. In all investigations conducted by the security agencies, the girl was consistent with her age.

The defense put up by the teacher Joshim Nur was that the family of the girl had deceived him in respect of his wife’s age prior to the marriage.

Dr. Robert Cawley, the panel chairman said:

He stated that he was unaware of her real age until she made a complaint to the police in 2013.

Shortly afterwards in Family Court proceedings in 2014 a clavicle bone test was undertaken to determine her real age.

Mr. Nur stated that he had understood that his wife was eighteen years old at the time of their marriage.

He does not deny that he had sexual intercourse with Child during their marriage.

The hearing was told Nur was a “gifted and valued member of staff” by his head teacher.

The panel said they “did not find it plausible” that he could have mistaken her for an 18-year-old, but acknowledged he appeared to be acting under pressure from his family to enter into the marriage “given that he met Child A just three days prior to their wedding”.

They ruled:

“Mr. Nur entered into a marriage and sexual relationship with a 13-year-old child. Mr. Nur did not demonstrate any insight into his actions or their impact on Child A.”

Decision maker Alan Meyrick said: “In my judgement, the lack of insight means that there is some risk of the repetition of this behaviour,” concluding that Nur is prohibited from teaching indefinitely and shall not be entitled to apply for restoration of his eligibility to teach.

Lessons for Teachers in Ghana

It is not easy to go through the training college and become and teacher, go for further studies and obtain a first degree or a graduate degree. Family and friends look up to you as a teacher, one who knows the right things. As a teacher, you have everything to lose in life if you reduce your self to this level to abuse children sexually. Have you asked your self as a teacher, how you will feel if this kid was your child?. Teachers are to seek the best interest of their pupils and students and not take advantage of them.

The Ghana Education Service code of ethics relating to sexual violence is not new to teachers. Let us help preserve what is left of the teaching profession if we cannot improve it.

Teachers and educators at all levels must be extra careful in how they relate with their pupils. Many have ended up in jail, brilliant teaching careers have been halted and shattered, teachers who are respected and revered have lost their respect because they failed to control themselves.

Teachers! Let us serve and perform our functions devoid of sexual advances toward the vulnerable children we are to nature, teach and inspire. God bless all the good teachers out there. We at Ghanaeducationnews.com salute you.

Main Story Source: The Telegragh 

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