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Dzodze-penyi SHS denies young traditional priest right to education

Dzodze-penyi SHS says No to traditional priest’s right to education

Dzodze-penyi SHS denies young traditional priest right to educationGhanaeducationnews.com was shocked to hear that, the Dzodze-Penyi SHS has denied an 18-year-old guy who doubles as a traditional priest the right to education.

One would say that the school authorities are expected to know better as an educationist.

The right to education is a fundamental human right that every individual must enjoy irrespective of his or her race, nationality, religion, ethnic background nor political affiliation, Bot even disability of the one seeking to be educated is enough grounds to refuse to admit a learner to school.

Refusing to admit the young lad is rather sad because the  Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948 recognizes this freedom which is enshrined the 1992 constitution of the Republic of Ghana in Article 38(2). It states that “The Government shall within two years after Parliament first meets after coming into force of this Constitution draw up a programme for the implementation within the following 10 years for the provision of a Free, Compulsory Universal Basic Education.”

Galley Felix, is the 18-year-old gentleman was not admitted all because he was wearing a cap which he was made to put on after his initiation as “Togbui Tueve Awunyo II of Ative (ativɛ), in the Ketu North Municipality of the Volta Region.

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He was placed in the school through the Computerized School placement System yet has been refused admission. The question we ask is if the JHS he attended entertained his cap, why can’t the Dzodze-Penyi SHS do same. This is a special case and it should have been given that level of attention.

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When Citi News interviewed the gentlemen over the issue, he revealed that taking off the cap could make him go mad and another worrying occurrence could follow. Haven worn the cap for the past 13 years, it was the first time someone is asking him to take it off.

The Headteacher of the school responding to questions in an interview with Citi News said the school had a code of conducts regarding dressing and that before the young lad would be allowed to come to school in that outfit, he must seek permission.

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