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Death Traps in Ghana’s Health Service?

Death Traps in Ghana's Health Service?I wonder what the medical professionals of today would call the strike action of Ghanaian doctors. Maybe, “Demanding for what is due us”, “ We have been cheated for too long strike”, Set the records straight strike” or   Let Mahama fill the impact”, Yentiee Obiaa (We shall listen to no one) ” are those that readily come to mind.

Today, the health sector of Ghana has become a death trap where the poor who cannot afford the services of private hospitals and clinics are left to the mercy curable health problems which eventually kill them.

Come to think of it, Its so sad that the doctors are so much burnt on making sure that they make the health sector which is already facing challenges suffer more.

Many are dying, millions need health delivery, thousands are rushed to the hospitals on an hourly basis across the country with no one to attend to them.

Where are the doctors? Well, they are either on the streets with no empathy for the fellow man who is on the verge of dying.

All they seek for is what will make their lives more comfortable. I believe that for many people in Ghana,  the health sector has become the death sector.

Yes, a place where many who should live several years more die out of the lack of dedication and professional conduct of some health workers. Many die due to improper care, lack of commitment on the part of health workers and the recent craving for the nursing profession just because of the fat salaries that come with it compared to other jobs in Ghana.

Today in Ghana people are going into nursing not because of the passion and the desire to serve mankind and save lives but to enjoy huge salaries and incentives.

Go to our health centres across the country and see how for instance emergency cases are delayed before patients are attended to. Look at how relaxed the workers are when someone is on the verge of dying. There is no urgency. Go to the Ridge hospital and see how people who are ill lie down on wooden chairs at the OPD to receive medical care.

How much would it cost Ghana to bring in beds if the OPD has to be converted into a comfortable place for the sick to recover or be treated?

How many more people must die at our hospital before we take the necessary action?

What else do we expect in a country where the poor have no say and his or her life is at the mercy of doctors who are not sensitive to the needs of Ghanaians.

Stakeholders look on unconcerned as though they were not aware of the events that are making the health sector a dead sector.

What at all are the stakeholders doing to save the situation? We seem to love chaotic and heartbreaking events and moments as a nation that we never learn from our past fellows. A nation of stubborn people who turn every serious issue into a funny issue hence the seriousness with which issues should be dealt with is ignored.

How many times haven’t doctors raise these issues they so much hold on to today? Countless times yet the government is behaving like a “dead goat”.

But is that a justification for the human lives that are being lost?. Human capital is so valuable that we must do our best to save them.  

Go to the private clinics today and you will see the same doctors working there while they say they are on strike in government health facilities.

The government of Ghana, if it’s possible, I suggest you employ these health workers on a contract basis and come out with modalities and policies to help avoid these powerful doctors you have created due to your lack of proactive steps.

There is always smoke before the fire. If the above is done, three months to the end of a contract, enter into another with the same person or another to take over when the current contract is over, this way, I am sure these uncalled for strikes would be a thing of the past.


No matter where you stand as a stakeholder in the health sector crises, you can not and must not use the sick people as your magic wand to get what you want. Mother nature will not agree with that.


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