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Corruption is not easily prosecuted in Africa

Corruption seems to be tied to the aprons of African countries and leaders in public service so much so that society continues to cry in vane as it is suffocated by the canker. Corruption is one canker that has been difficult to define just as it has been difficult to deal with in Africa.

According to Justice Tawia Modibo Ocran “Corruption is the use by public servant of his position to obtain financial gain or any advantage for himself, family, or his or her friends contrary to duty and the rights of others.”
Entrusted public power that is abused hurts everyone and affects the integrity of people in position of authority.Unfortunately, African countries and people seem not to be willing to fight this canker though they seem to be doing so much but little to make the practice unprofitable.
So many corrupt allegations in Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa just a few to mention totaling millions of dollars have not been either investigated or government is just not ready to apply the whip. It surfaces to put on record that, this pervasive act has rather been made attractive as governments all over Africa do not have the will power to persecute those caught up in this web.   Many public officers happen to be members of the government in power when they stole and looted financial resources that belong to the masses.  Governments are rather unwilling to persecute their own people to avoid the disgrace and open up their weaknesses to the opposition who intend to feed on such acts for political points.lobbying-161689__180
Another reason why corruption is difficult to persecute in Africa is because of the absence of evidence. Many corrupt officers are able to conceal the information about their corrupt activities. Curruption is a criminal offence which needs enough evidence to prove beyond all reasonable doubt that the allege corruption really happened. Many whistle blowers may fall on hear say or rumor to raise the alarm that the public purse is being siphoned. For this reason of lack of concrete evidence, many corrupt practices   go unpunished in Africa.
The is the need for the institutions of government such as the judicial system, the police and anti-corruption agencies and groups that champion the fight against corruption need to be strengthened if the public purse is to be guarded and protected for the good of the masses in Africa who cannot afford good education and health care, and other basic necessities of life.


It saddens my heart that, Africa only comes to the limelight very often and ranked tops when it comes to things of this nature.Countries tagged as most corrupt in Africa makes me sick. I hope the heroes and whistle blowers have not gone to sleep and thrown their hands into the air.Emerging African youth are fighting, it will work for Africa in the long run. A time is coming when these practices will have no place in Africa. A new emerging set of leaders are coming who will hold Africa to their chest and protect the resources for the good of all over us.   Written by: Wisdom Eli Kojo Hammond Picture credit:  Wisdom Eli Kojo Hammond

Wisdom is an ambitious optimist who believes in venturing out to create and to revolutionize the world a post at a time, writing to educate, inspire, entertain, influence and start thought-provoking debates on varied topics.

He loves writing, a skill he developed as a pupil at the University Staff Basic School, Legon, Accra. He has never looked back.

He authored "Returnees of the Dead Forest" in the UK with Xlibris Publishing House. in 2013

When others see the challenges of today, Wisdom sees the successes of tomorrow in a world filled with opportunities. He holds the belief that today's genuine efforts, dreams and aspirations will become rewarding.

Wisdom is currently studying Mphil. Leadership. He enjoys writing, blogging, playing football, public speaking and teaching.

Contact Ghanaeducationnews.com or Wisdom for your school's news coverage or promotion of school-related events, advertisements and publications.

Wisdom believes in partnership, teamwork and networking.

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