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Consultation fee and Christianity in Africa


Consultation fees have existed for so long in the law, health and other professions. This fee is paid by the person or group of persons seeking advice or who are receiving the advice or vital information and or opinion. Consultation fees used to be paid by people seeking legal or medical advise in the past. This was later adopted by all other professions as people specialized in all manner of fields. 

Today, many pastors or Christian leaders charge consultation fees in Africa before members of their congregations or visitors who need prayers or deliverance or guidance are allowed to see these men of God. With impunity, many of these men of God milk the poor cows in the house of God before performing the task that God has called them to do for his sheep. Huge sums of money are charged desperate persons who need God’s intervention one way or the other.

The amount one pays determines whether he or she would be allowed to meet the so-called man of God or he or she would only be allowed to see ‘The boys” of the man of God. It would interest you to know that, not all can afford these charges thus many never get the chance to see the man of God meet their spiritual needs if any.

I have never read from my bible that Christ who is our yardstick as Christians ( both pastors and members of Churches) collected any consultation fee. He healed, raised the dead, forgave sins, he advised but never did he charge any consultation fee what so ever. If this is true, then why the new trend?

What is the biblical basis of this consultation fee? Did God institute it but we have not really seen it in our bibles? Christ healed ten lepers and only one came to say thank you. Is it that these men of God think their follows would not be grateful enough? I am asking so many questions than there are answers to this important ungodly trend in Christianity.

Let us look at Peter in Act 3:6 “Then Peter said, Silver and gold have I none; but such as I have give I thee: In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth rise up and walk.” Peter never asked that the poor blind man should pay a consultation fee, rather he willingly gave by healing the man.

Let us look at all the disciples who quizzed Jesus throughout the Bible on spiritual issues they did not understand. Christ never asked them to pay any consultation fees.

But today in Africa with Ghana as an example, all manner of churches lead by men of God demand that one pays a consultation fee, book an appointment and buy one object or another before he or she gets prayed for or before the member gets divine advise from the man of God.

My question to these pastors is that How much consultation fee do they pay to God? If any of them can tell me the monetary value or otherwise, I will be happy.

Some may justify that, the men of God must survive. That is true but did God say through consultation fee collection? Come to think of it.

If I should pay a consultation fee for all the sick in the hospitals, would the consultation fee collecting pastors be able to heal all of them?

I am more than convinced that the poor, are being duped and the innocent are being exploited by some quack self-made ordained men of God. Woe to those who are engaged in this act. God is watching how some men of God are slaying the lambs of God. “Things are not the same any more, Christo suum ayer nsem pii”  is a popular gospel song that comes to mind.

If you are in a true minister of the gospel, this should worry you. How long would this consultation fee thing go on?

Some of these pastors may be using evil forces, charms and other powers that are not of God.

They may fool everyone but not God. God is watching with keen interest.

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