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The illustrious son of Ghana, Joseph Wemakor appointed as Deputy Head of Media and Communication for PLO Lumumba Foundation, Ghana

An illustrious son of Ghana, Joseph Wemakor appointed as Deputy Head of Media and Communication for PLO Lumumba Foundation, Ghana

An illustrious son of Ghana ready to serve Africa, Joseph Wemakor has been appointed as the Deputy Head of Media and Communication for PLO Lumumba Foundation, Ghana. Ghanaeducationews.com wishes to congratulate you for the new appointment.

We recount with joy, your advocacy works in Ghana and the recent publication on the 22-year-old Abudu Salah, a Kayoyo (head porter) whose story was published on many online news portals including Ghanaeducationnews.com.

Your new role is an indication of the numerous works you have done in the past and the touching story of Abudu Salah which resonated with every reader.

This brought Ghana and the entire world to her feet to congratulate and celebrate Abudu Salah for obtaining 6 A’s and 2 Bs. The story also led to the inflow of assistance from individuals, philanthropists, well-wishers, corporate organizations, Government and NGOs home and abroad.

Through the great story that resonated with readers across political and religious divides as well as across continents, Salah’s dream of becoming a nurse has been lifted out of the ashes and put on a strong and perfect pedestal of reality.
We at Ghanaeducationnews are not surprised by this new role at the PLO Lumumba Foundation, Ghana to which you have been called to serve and we believe, you will deliver. Accept our warmest congratulations.


PLO Lumumba Foundation, Ghana

The PLO Lumumba Foundation in an NGO, headquartered in Nairobi (Kenya). The foundation is focused on nurturing young leaders from Africa. It believes imbibing the youth of Africa with ideas of Pan Africans and servant leadership is the sure way to transforming the fortunes of a blessed continent trying to shine true.

PLO Lumumba Foundation founded in 1990 to help needy but brilliant African students among other things to reach their full potentials.

Prof Patrick Loch Otieno Lumumba, a well known Kenyan Lawyer, human rights activist and a man who has the well being of Africa at heart with his popular lectures and speeches that are not only thought provoking but passionate and inspiring is the big brain and personality behind this noble foundation.

Who is Joseph Wemakor?

Joseph Wemakor is a staunch human rights advocate and a journalist by profession. As a prolific writer and a freelancer, he has used his skills and profession to drive home critical human right issues and news on many online news portals. The work and responsibilities of the Editor-in-Chief of Ghananewsone.com rest on his shoulders. Credible news items relating to the abuse of women, girls and children and other are his hallmarks as a human rights advocate.

He is becoming an important linchpin when it comes to reporting on human rights abuse issues and stories in Ghana. Mention the gender-based voices and the abuse of vulnerable people and he seeks to help deal with the canker via his journalistic work.

Human rights abuses against women, girls, and children and how to find lasting solutions for victims one story at a time keep him going and wanting to do more.

Out of his fertile brain and love for the fight for the rights of women, girls and children who are abused, emerged the Human Rights Reporters Ghana (HRRG), a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO).

This organization aims at halting all forms of human rights violations suffered by girls, women, and children in Ghana and beyond.

We can say, his contribution and commitment to advocacy work are second to none. His immeasurable experience we believe will be a valuable asset to the PLO Lumumba Foundation, Ghana chapter. It’s a challenge we believe he can surmount to deliver efficiently and effectively.

He holds the view that this is an opportunity to serve mother Africa in a small way to bring about big changes, hope and a brighter future for Africa at large.

Ghanaeducationews.com chanced on his letter of acceptance. One could easily feel the passion of this astute journalist and prolific writer with human rights advocacy issues at heart.

Below is an excerpt from the letter

“I’m very pleased to accept the position of Deputy Head of Media and Communication of your noble Foundation. Thanks for the opportunity to serve, I am eager to make very positive contribution to the foundation and to work with everyone in the foundation’s team towards attainment of its goals and objectives”.

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He loves writing, a skill he developed as a pupil at the University Staff Basic School, Legon, Accra. He has never looked back.

He authored "Returnees of the Dead Forest" in the UK with Xlibris Publishing House. in 2013

When others see the challenges of today, Wisdom sees the successes of tomorrow in a world filled with opportunities. He holds the belief that today's genuine efforts, dreams and aspirations will become rewarding.

Wisdom is currently studying Mphil. Leadership. He enjoys writing, blogging, playing football, public speaking and teaching.

Contact Ghanaeducationnews.com or Wisdom for your school's news coverage or promotion of school-related events, advertisements and publications.

Wisdom believes in partnership, teamwork and networking.

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