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Africa, Conflicts and the need to Develop

Africa is not a bad continent and should not be painted as such at all.
Africa is endured with the best natural resources the world can imagine.
It is the world bank of industrial raw materials of all kind for the world.
Africa feeds the industries of the world with the needed resources.
We have good arable land for agriculture purposes and so much wind and sunshine for wind and solar energy.
However, we are so far from identifying who we are and unable to harness our positives to our advantage.

The sad story of Africa

It is rather sad that Africans seems to be so much interested in killing, blood shedding and issues that do not promote our development as a continent. How can we have peace if everyone wants to be a king?
How can we have peace when all we wish for, dream of, work at is war and ethnic conflicts that erupt from misunderstandings that we could solve with a little bit of tolerance and respect for each other.
We are killing ourselves in the name of fighting for justice, we are killing ourselves in the name of religious beliefs culture and other trivial issues.
Governments use hard earned tax payers money to buy arms, all manner of groups are formed in the name of fighting for the well being of the poor masses only to kill these same people.
We are being treated as though we are not creations of God, people are killing in the name of God,  dreams of the young are stolen, shattered and trample upon.

Avoidable conflicts

Africa can avoid a lot of the conflicts she has suffered in the past. Lives are put to waste through senseless wars and attacks. I remember very well in the early 1990s a conflict raised its ugly head in my country Ghana, as a result, two people from different ethnic groups bargaining to buy the same guinea fowl.
Least talked about Uganda the better. It takes just a second to go to war and mess up everything, destroying lives, properties, dreams and hopes.
It takes a seconds of patience, forgiveness and brotherly love, calmness to make a nation great and prosperous and an oasis of peace across the world.

Arise, Africa! Arise, African Leaders!!

It is time to raise African leaders and youth who would say no to violence. Such persons will create a new generation of African thinkers, who will find intelligent and violent free means of addressing economic and developmental challenges facing Africa.
Africa needs selfless leaders who will channel our resources to better our continent.
After all, life is too short and if someone thinks things are not going the way he/she thinks, he/she has no right to take the law into his own hands and jeopardize our future.
Rather, we should all learn from the worms that dwell in red and very hot pepper.
They remain in there and find solutions to problems and fix things.
Why can’t we also do the same as humans and let the blessings of God smile on our, home and abode called AFRICA? When will Africa take her place in the world for good?
A time is coming when the world would seek after African, for wisdom and knowledge.
I challenge every true African to stand against war and conflict and embrace peace at all levels of our existence.]]>

Wisdom is an ambitious optimist who believes in venturing out to create and to revolutionize the world a post at a time, writing to educate, inspire, entertain and start thought-provoking debates.

Loves blogging, public speaking and a human rights advocate with the Human Rights Reporters Ghana. Wisdom writes for, and

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