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About About is finally here after it had lingered in the mind for quite a long time. It came into existence in August 2018 first as Ghanaeducationsolutions blog on

The passion for writing and finding solutions to education-related problems, working in the education sector and aspiring to become an academic writer quickly came to influence the small flame into

The purpose of Ghana Education News

  1.  To share education-related news, information, and resources with stakeholders.
  2. Bring to the fore human rights issues confronting us today.
  3. Featured stories to inform, and help champion policy change ideas in the education sector among others
  4. To create a learning environment on the web for learners at all levels of education in Ghana.

Ghanaeducationnews is a complete education hub.

Every information, resource, and material we put out is to help educators, learners, government and other stakeholders succeed. will bring you news items, feature stories, thought-provoking articles under the following browed areas
  • News
  • Articles and feature stories on humans rights 
  • Education
  • Career
  • College/School Sports
  • Educational Events
  • Education-related Announcements
  • Database on Test book publishers
  • Bookshops and contacts
  • Libraries and their contacts
  • Basic, Secondary and Tertiary Institutions issues
  • Competitions
  • Educational Events and programs
  • Educational Policies 

The intention of is to share knowledge, through high-quality articles from writers on education in general, career paths, educational leadership and more.

Sharing educational resources such as syllabus, past questions and sample question just a few to mention will equip both educators and learners who access the site.

We dream to be the preferred source for everything education that provides the needed stuff on every page. wants to help make your professional vision and career in education a reality no matter where you’re starting.

Again, we are gradually loading and updating the site with all the information, materials and resources available will be done and completed to give you an awesome browsing experience on the site.

Ghanaeducationnews.comAlso, we want to help make your professional vision and career in education a reality no matter where you’re starting.

Ghanaeducationnews would become the preferred destination of educators and learners for online resources in Ghana in the not far future.

Finally, watch us upload the best of materials you can ever think of. will make learning fun, teach interest and easy and inspire this generation and beyond in Ghana and beyond.  

Now you know, spread the news, share the facts and bring the world online to where we make education simpler.

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