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5 Leadership Cards of Nelson Mandela

politician-150383__180The five (5) Leadership Cards Mandela Played to become a great leader who is celebrated the world over are worth noting and implementing by every leader to be as well as those in leadership. The world has seen many leaders sprout out of Africa but in recent year’s fond memories of Nelson Mandela makes the world excited each time. He as a leader had some qualities that distinguished him from the rest of those in his class. These qualities have become a yard stick against which others can be measured. I call these qualities the Eleven Leadership Cards of Nelson Mandela.

VISION & PURPOSE Mandela was a man of vision, he had the normal eye of a human but within it was a telescope that could project and see into the positive future. He was filled with purpose, goals and a mission that was not selfish but transcended beyond individualistic tendencies. Always interested in the well being and happiness of others without compromising sincerity and truth.

THOUGH MIND, HEART & SPIRIT Mandela had a though mind, heart, will, spirit and an optimistic personality hence could endure long suffering and wait till the time is ripe to succeed.

PEACEFUL & FORGIVING Mandela was a peaceful man with a charming smile that disarmed his enemies. The more you hated him, the more he loved you and showed genuine concern for your well being. Mandela lived a life of forgiveness that did not retaliate wrong. He was a walking forgiving human machine who found it necessary to forgive at all times in all things. Mandela, exhibited great positivity, when others saw the negative in everything, he saw the positives in every situation. This made him focus and believe in succeeding.

GRIT AND DETERMINATION Mandela showed grit at all times, his determination overshadowed his human nature making him the never say die even when the bones are getting rotten. He had a powerful will power to cross the finish line no matter the challenge. Brave and never giving up, he was humble.

His modest life style won him many admirers LOVE AND HOPE His heart was so clean, devoid of hatred. He filled his heart with hope in the face of challenges. It will be over soon was his belief. This made him patient and so he endured long suffering. How many leaders of today’s Africa can boast of all these qualities? Africa will be a better place if emerging African leaders and the existing one’s can learn these qualities and made them part of their


leadership principles.   Picture CreditPixabay.com Written by Wisdom Eli Kojo Hammond 

Wisdom is an ambitious optimist who believes in venturing out to create and to revolutionize the world a post at a time, writing to educate, inspire, entertain, influence and start thought-provoking debates on varied topics.

He loves writing, a skill he developed as a pupil at the University Staff Basic School, Legon, Accra. He has never looked back.

He authored "Returnees of the Dead Forest" in the UK with Xlibris Publishing House. in 2013

When others see the challenges of today, Wisdom sees the successes of tomorrow in a world filled with opportunities. He holds the belief that today's genuine efforts, dreams and aspirations will become rewarding.

Wisdom is currently studying Mphil. Leadership. He enjoys writing, blogging, playing football, public speaking and teaching.

Contact Ghanaeducationnews.com or Wisdom for your school's news coverage or promotion of school-related events, advertisements and publications.

Wisdom believes in partnership, teamwork and networking.

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