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10yearschallenge is dangerous to be taken for fun

10yearschallengeFacebook’s 10yearschallenge is dangerous to be taken for fun. Many are doing it because they think it is for fun. No, it is not. Read on and be enlightened about the possibilities you might not have considered.

Everyone individual who has been online using the internet through a website or WhatsApp for example has a digital identity that he or she has left online. The truth of the matter is, even if you delete whatever you put out there, your data still remains in the database online.

Today, it has become fashionable. You have put on Whatsapp and facebook or even twitter “Me is 2009 and 2019, Me in 2006 and 2016 some have even me in 2000/2009/2019. The image recognition algorithms are online doing their work. They are sophisticated enough and so are picking, identifying human faces and matching them as well.

In 2018, the Police in Delhi used face identification technology to track over 3000 faces in 96 hours in an attempt to find missing kids.

If you uploaded an image of a cat 10 years ago and now—as one of my friends did, adorably—that particular sample would be easy to throw out. You may be helping facebook and its partners to gather data effortlessly for targeted marking purposes.

Digital identity and the 10yearschallenge

Digital identity is basically your identity in cyber space. Many of us have several digital identities on the internet.

Very often, we use our pictures that of our kids and family as profile pictures on face book and other social networks.

It is good but, many do it so often and leave very vital and personal information out there.

10yearschallenge is dangerous to be taken for fun

Dangers of leaving personal information online(Social Media)

There are many youth who virtually share their life online.

For instance, some leave messages such as “Church things” with a picture, others live “God I seek travelling mercies” with their luggage.

This information for example can be picked up by criminals and invade your house because you just told them you are travelling. Watch it.

Through the information we share on social media, your privacy and security is weakened.

It is highly possible that the purpose of the 10yearschallenge is to use machine learning to understand your growth over the years.

There are many who do not use their personal faces or photos on facebook. Others have but hardly change it. But with this 10yearschallenge, you have opened yourself and given out your identity you have tried to conceal all this years on social media.


The open truth today

We cannot deny that, our identity is already known by social media companies, they know our interest, attitudes and even our homes and content on our personal computers. It is however important to guard and protect what you have not put on social media today including your very old self (pictures) through this challenge.

The 10yearschallege meme by facebook required that users post their old picture as well as their current picture. Those reading religious and progress meanings into this are far from being right. If you think face book wants you to see how far you have come in life, you better start thinking all over.

Currently, facebook knows your age, sex, education, location and the like. Most of us joined facebook less than ten years ago and so, they do not have such old information such as you image, but as soon as you engage in the challenge, you give them that information. Manny have dug into their offline photo albums to bring to light vital looks many years ago thinking it is harmless.

Likely uses of the 10yearschallenge data

It is highly possible that, they are collecting data on millions of people around the world for a particular research or study which require millions of data set to be to get a reliable finding for business or any other reason.

One basic requirement of researchers whether individuals or institutions is to seek the permission of respondents yet this particular act is making is look harmless and fun so you willingly give out this information.

Is it not possible that, this research may be seeking to tell how people will look over ten to twenty years? It is only through such a challenge that you will put your old self on the left and your current state on the right to show your growth, change and progression.

We are all providing so much information online and helping in the training of  facial recognition algorithms for age progression, age recognition. But we cannot not tell exactly what these information will be used for hence let us be careful the information we live online


Wisdom is an ambitious optimist who believes in venturing out to create and to revolutionize the world a post at a time, writing to educate, inspire, entertain and start thought-provoking debates.

Loves blogging, public speaking and a human rights advocate with the Human Rights Reporters Ghana. Wisdom writes for, and

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